Posted by on Jun 23, 2017

Michael Woods was quoted at length in the June 2017 edition of Lexpert Magazine, a leading Canadian business law publication.  In the article, A Siren Call among Shrill Notes by  Julius Melnitzer, Michael is one of the leading members of Canada’s international trade bar asked to comment on the implications for Canada of the current U.S. Administration’s protectionist moves on trade. He takes a positive view that that “ … the demand for international business expansion remains alive and well … [Canada] is a G7 country that looks like the global leader in promoting trade liberalization.”

The article addresses both NAFTA and Canada’s growing options with respect to Europe and the CETA and Asia on continuing negotiations with TPP partners as well as China. Michael encourages continuing and deepening strategic partnership between Canada’s businesses and government in building the strongest partnership possible – one that will keep Canada “punching above our weight” in terms of global trade.