Posted by on Dec 14, 2020

On December 11, 2020, Michael Woods participated in the most recent meeting of Global Affairs Canada’s Indigenous Working Group (IWG). As part of its commitment and inclusive approach to trade Global Affairs established the IWG in September 2017 in order to better engage with Indigenous Peoples and their representatives during the NAFTA renewal negotiations that lead to the Canada-U.S.-Mexica Agreement (CUSMA).  Michael participates in the IWG as a founding member of the International Inter-tribal Trade and Investment Organization (IITIO)  [ Home – IITIO ; see also NAFTA Submission to Global Affairs Canada from IITIO – IITIO ]

Post-CUSMA, the IWG has continued to engaged on Canada’s wider trade policy objectives and negotiations.  The December 11, session included  discussion of  on-going Canada-Mercosur FTA Negotiations, the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement, WTO Negotiations on Investment Facilitation and E-Commerce, the Canada-European Union CETA Civil Society Forum, and an update on CUSMA implementation with a focus on the SME and Competitiveness Committees. For more about the IWG and Global Affairs Canada’s ongoing program of  engagement with Indigenous Peoples on International Trade see –  International Trade Agreements and Indigenous Peoples: The Canadian Approach