Canadian Corporate and Business Services

Errors in the legal organization, structure or foundation of your business can prove to be extremely costly. To avoid issues, it is vital to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations in the territory in which your business is operating. It is also highly beneficial to be aware of, and factor in existing international trade agreements and the protections they provide into your business strategy. There are many provisions contained in international trade agreements that your business may be able to leverage in an economically advantageous way.

We assist our clients with overall strategic planning and ensure that their corporate ventures/investments are structured in a way that aim both to eliminate potential issues and have a positive impact on their bottom line. Whether your business venture is purely Canadian in scope or whether it is international, Woods, LaFortune LLP offers the services you need to get your business properly set-up, including:

  • Business formation (Filing of incorporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or limited liability documentation) and reorganizations;
  • Strategic advice and general business planning;
  • Preparation of partnership agreements, shareholders’ and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Development and review of corporate governance structures, policies and procedures;
  • Corporate records review and maintenance
  • Assisting with business start-up financing, including match-making


U.S. Corporate and Business Services

Woods, Lafortune LLP also provides clients with U.S.-specific legal advice in connection with their cross-border business and transactions. Canada and the U.S. enjoy the largest trade relationship in the world, with nearly one million dollars in goods and services crossing the border every minute. We work in partnership with Harrison Law P.C., the only Ottawa-based firm devoted exclusively to the practice of U.S. corporate law, to provide a suite of seamless corporate legal services to clients on both sides of the border.  Our team provides experienced legal representation that targets the unique needs of the Canada-U.S. cross-border business market. Our legal partner regularly counsels clients in:

  • Planning and creating U.S.-Canada cross-border business structures (filing of incorporation, partnership, or limited liability company documentation)
  • Evaluating and preparing cross-border tax plans
  • Filing documents with the secretary of state and Annual filings
  • Obtaining Employment Identification Number (EIN)
  • Preparing shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Applications for 501(c)(3) exempt organization status
  • Developing governance structures, policies and procedures
  • Handling of asset purchases and asset sales
  • Assisting with business start-up financing, including angel, and Venture Capital funding
  • Drafting/reviewing of purchase contracts, real estate contracts and leases


Although shortcuts and online incorporation are generally available, incorporation without a professional consultation may result in serious tax and/or structural problems. If you have any questions concerning Canadian incorporation and business ventures, please contact Catherine Walsh at (613) 513-7131 or by e-mail at for a no fee, no obligation consultation. If you have any questions concerning U.S. incorporation and business transactions, please contact Renate Harrison at 613-219-7576, or by e-mail at