To succeed in the Canadian market, you must be aware of, and comply with the federal and provincial regulatory regimes that affect your business and its operation in Canada.  A business that operates outside these regulatory regimes, intentionally or unintentionally, risks incurring hefty fines, debilitating penalties and increased enforcement.  Ensuring that your business complies with these requirements is our primary goal. Our clients rely on our deep understanding of the applicable rules and processes, as well as on our years of “in government” experience and business focus to ensure that they aren’t faced with damaging fines and penalties down the road.

When clients come to us with problems or issues that threaten their firm’s ability to operate, Woods, LaFortune LLP has the creativity and persistence to help resolve a range of advertising, marketing, transactional and regulatory issues. We have a long record of success with clients in all types of industries, including consumer and other product manufacturers, retailers, as well as heavily regulated industries such as agriculture and food, alcoholic beverages, drug, medical device, health product, clothing and chemical and hazardous products. We provide advice on all aspects of product regulation in Canada, including standards, packaging and labelling, importing and exporting issues, interprovincial movement of goods and transportation matters. We also have particular experience dealing with departments and agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development (DFATD), Agriculture Canada, Industry Canada, Justice Canada, Finance Canada, Health Canada, Transport Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and numerous provincial agencies including the Provincial Liquor Boards. In addition to the trade and investment agreements listed in our other practice areas, Woods, LaFortune LLP has expert knowledge of:

  • Custom Act and Regulations
  • Income Tax Act
  • Investment Canada Act and Regulations
  • Special Export Measures Act (SEMA)
  • Freezing Assets of Foreign Corrupt Officials Act (FAFCOA)
  • Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act (FEMA)
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Regulations
  • Food and Drugs Act and Regulations
  • Hazardous Products Act and Regulations
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • Pest Control Products Act (PCPA)
  • Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act
  • Provincial Liquor Board Regulations


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of Canadian regulations, please contact Gordon LaFortune at (613) 424-3921 or by e-mail at or Michael Woods at (613) 355-0382 or by e-mail at for a no fee, no obligation consultation.