Posted by on Jul 18, 2023

This June 23, 2023, marked the 1 year anniversary of the Indigenous People’s Economic Trade and Cooperation Arrangement (IPETCA), signed between Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Chinese Taipai  February 2021, when these four partners and other APEC economies began work towards developing an arrangement with the focus on the economic empowerment of Indigenous peoples in the Asia- Pacific region. On December 10, 2021, the Arrangement was concluded and APEC members were invited to join.  Canada endorsed the IPETCA the same day.  This new and innovative plurilateral Arrangement intended to create a framework for economies and Indigenous peoples to work together to increase trade and economic cooperation. [ For more details see our website notes – Search for IPETCA – Woods, LaFortune LLP (] [The text of the Arrangement –  Indigenous-Peoples-Economic-and-Trade-Cooperation-Arrangement-IPETCA-FINAL-VERSION.pdf ( ]  Canada Endorses the APEC Indigenous Peoples Economic and Trade Cooperation Arrangement (IPETCA) – Michael Woods Participated in Consultative Process (

In this photo are some of the members of the group that conducted Indigenous to Indigenous discussions on behalf of the Indigenous People of Canada. Led by Wayne Garnons-Williams, the group presented Minister of Trade, Mary Ng, with our commissioned IPETCA wampum belt.  Michael Woods is the furthest on the right.