Posted by on Jun 20, 2022

The Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development, Mary Ng, has invited Michael Woods to events on June 22nd and 23rd in Gatineau, Québec, organized by Global Affairs Canada to celebrate Canada’s endorsement of the Indigenous Peoples Economic and Trade Cooperation Arrangement (IPETCA).  [;   see also: ]

The IPECA is an APEC initiative [ Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (].  In February 2021, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Chinese Taipei and other APEC economies began work towards developing the IPETCA with the focus on the economic empowerment of Indigenous peoples in the Asia- Pacific region. On December 10, 2021, the Arrangement was concluded and APEC countries were invited to join.  Canada endorsed the IPETCA the same day.  This new and innovative plurilateral Arrangement intended to create a framework for economies and Indigenous peoples to work together to increase trade and economic cooperation. [ For more details see our website notes – Search for IPETCA – Woods, LaFortune LLP (] [The text of the Arrangement –  Indigenous-Peoples-Economic-and-Trade-Cooperation-Arrangement-IPETCA-FINAL-VERSION.pdf ( ]

Michael is a member of the select group which advised the Government of Canada on the negotiations with respect to Indigenous objectives. He was also involved in discussions with Indigenous representatives from other APEC economies during the process.  This advisory group is scheduled to have a special session with Minister Ng following a Sacred Fire Ceremony at sunrise on June 23rd.  The Celebration will close with an Endorsement Ceremony featuring Indigenous, Inuit, and Métis participants.  The Celebration will kick-off with an Indigenous Trade Symposium on the afternoon of June 22nd.   For more information see:

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