Posted by on Mar 18, 2022

Michael Woods has been formally invited to participate in ongoing technical discussions with Canada’s negotiators regarding the upcoming Canada-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (FTA).  The Government of Canada tabled a Notice of Intent to enter into negotiations in December 2021. In April 2022, Round 1 FTA negotiations are set to begin in London and Round 2 is scheduled for will be in Ottawa in June 2022.

Michael will be joining the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Committee-UK (IPAC-UK) and providing views to Canadian negotiations about issues of particular importance and interest to Indigenous peoples. Among the topic of interest will be the inclusion of a Trade and Indigenous Peoples Chapter and specific provisions safeguarding  Indigenous interests.  During the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement negotiations, Michael participated in a similar exercise as part of the Indigenous Working Group. [ Michael Woods & IITIO Submission on NAFTA Modernization Indigenous Peoples Participation Consistent with Canadian and International Law and Policy – Woods, LaFortune LLP ( ; Michael Woods Attends Round Six of NAFTA Negotiations in Montreal – Woods, LaFortune LLP ( ]