Government Departments and Agencies make decisions and set policies that can have an significant and sometimes vital important impact on your business on a client’s bottom line.

With a combined 30-years of in-government experience, our team at Woods, LaFortune LLP is able to apply years senior-level experience in dealing with the intricacies of government policy making law and the legislative process.  Whether the issue is with a regulatory regime, the regulator, or the government agency, we ensure that our client’s best interests are advanced with strong and substantive advocacy. Our expertise in federal and provincial government, international affairs, cross-border issues and policy development allows us to provide clients with strategic legal and business advice in a business environment that is increasingly complex and international in scope.

Woods, LaFortune LLP’s lawyers know their way around government and can ensure that our clients’ cases and their best interests are advanced with strong and substantive advocacy. Our extensive network of contacts at all levels of government allows our team to effectively present our clients’ concerns to key decision makers. We monitor upcoming legislation and policies and make pro-active representations, ensuring that officials are aware of our clients’ interests and needs. Our global network of strategic allies enables us to quickly assess a situation and assemble the requisite resources to create a winning strategy.   In many cases, these decisions can be addressed through lobbying efforts targeted to bureaucrats and the political leaders they advise. It is often critical to deal with government and to have your interests represented and your perspective effectively put forward.  Our client’s matters are protected by solicitor-client privilege and treated with the strictest discretion.

Our government affairs practice includes the following elements:

  • Government relations and public policy
  • Regulatory affairs and market access
  • Stakeholder affairs and corporate reputation
  • Legal and governance advice for boards
  • Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
  • Lobbying Act and Lobbyist Registration Act

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the government decision-making process or government relations, please contact Michael Woods at (613) 355-0382 or by e-mail at for a no fee, no obligation consultation.