Canada maintains import controls on a range of products with a particular focus on the dairy, poultry and other supply managed sectors of Canada’s agri-food sector.  They are imposed pursuant to the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) and Regulations and are listed in the Import Control List (ICL). The controls are administered by the Global Affairs Canada.  Failure to follow these rules and lack of proper import permits can result in significant financial penalties and even imprisonment.  The complexity, commercial importance, political sensitivity of Canada’s regime of quantitative restrictions, or Tariff Quotas (TRQ), was evident during the recent Canada United States Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) negotiations.

Woods, LaFortune LLP has in-depth experience advising producers, food processing operations, investors retailers, and consumers affected by these measures.  We to guide clients through the regulatory process, keep them compliant, and protect their rights. When special or supplemental import permits are required, we have the experience and know-how the allows us to move quickly and effectively.

Woods, LaFortune LLP can address the range import control matters including access to, and allocation of quota to permitted imports, transfer of quota, government audits, and special programs such as the Import for Re-Export Program (IREP). We have successfully acted for many clients in  Canada’s supply managed sectors.  We regularly intervene with senior government officials on behalf of clients to obtain the necessary security and predictability when trading controlled goods.

In summary, our import controls work includes:

  • Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) and Import Control List (ICL) Requirements
  • Audits and Compliance Incorporations
  • Permit Process – Special and Supplementary
  • Quota Allocation Process
  • Import Compliance
  • Supply Managed Goods

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Import Controls and their application to your business, please contact Michael Woods at (613) 355-0382 or by e-mail at, for a no fee, no obligation consultation.