The growth and future survival of many businesses may very well depend on the ability to realize international business operate in an increasingly globalized and international environment. There are many risks associated with doing business and/or investing abroad. The rules and regulations that businesses and investors must comply with in foreign countries vary widely. Compliance with these rules and regulations is essential – failure can lead to costly challenges. A successful international business and/or investment venture requires first-class planning and proactive, strategic thinking.

The Woods, LaFortune LLP team can help your organization reach its operational and strategic goals, whether you are starting up a domestic business, expanding an existing corporation or are considering entering a new international market. Our global network of strategic allies allows us to provide assist our clients address all their domestic and international business and investment needs, including legal, operational, financial and business strategy considerations.

We understand how the global network of trade and Investment agreements  have helped to progressively open new trade and investment opportunities around the globe. While creating a more inviting and secure environment in which to trade and invest abroad, these agreements have also created additional layers of complexity o the challenge of navigating the international business and investment landscape. Knowing which agreements, regulations, rules and policies will apply to your business or investment and anticipating the impact they may have on your bottom line is crucial to a successful venture.

By taking a proactive approach, we assist our clients in structuring their affairs to take advantage of, and leverage, the relevant domestic and international agreements to improve their bottom line and avoid potentially costly problems down the road.  We have the expertise needed to ensure that our clients remain compliant with both domestic and international obligations.   We assist Canadian clients looking to enter or expand into global markets and foreign clients looking to conduct business in or invest in Canada. From basic corporate needs, to strategic market entry or foreign investment projects, Woods, LaFortune LLP gives you the tools you need to be successful on a national or international scale. Our international business development and investment practice includes:

  •  Business and strategic planning
  • Incorporations and general corporate matters
  • Market entry and business expansion
  • Corporate governance
  • Compliance
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects and FDI destination analysis
  • Business or investment opportunity identification, lead generation, meeting coordination and facilitation

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of international business and/or investment, please contact Michael Woods at (613) 355-0382 or by email at for a no fee, no obligation consultation.  During his career, Michael served a senior trade officer with Canada’s Foreign Service and is a long-time member of the Board to the Forum for International Trade Training. (FITT)